About Us

Marlink AB is a member company of the global concern of the Marlink Group which is also incorporating the Telemar Group of which we were formerly a named company (Telemar Scandinavia AB).

About Marlink Sverige

Marlink AB has many of its roots in Swedish Telecom (Televerket Radio) with many of the products being pioneered in the company prior to the present business model. This includes the advances in satellite data transmissions onboard vessels sailing globally. Text messaging which was pioneered on a global scale with our Maritex system employed on more than 2000 vessels, advancing to satellite message switching over the Inmarsat network and later as data traffic on our own network of global satellite systems.

Together with Telemar, the Marlink group forms the leading supplier to the maritime service sector within the areas of Connectivity and Bridge Electronics with over 20,000 contracted vessels worldwide.

In Sweden, we take great pride in being part of the Marlink Group and providing services to our customers within our area of expertise on a 24/7 basis. This includes GMDSS, Certification and Global satellite services as well as TV reception and distribution. Our experienced team are well-equipped to arrange and carry out the tasks and services required by our customers to meet the regulatory requirements as well as maintaining a shore-based corporate readiness.

The service team forms part of the Global Field Service capability maintained by Marlink to assist their customers and provide service solutions worldwide.

Boat at sea in sunset.